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About Proton Yachting

Proton Yachting wants to fulfill your wishes. We therefore set high standards for the end result and are not statisfied with unstatisfactory solutions. You can expect an optimal result from us!

We are Proton Yachting. Dutch yacht builders and that means something in the world. Obviously there are more countries with a good yacht building tradition, but Dutch yacht building is a league of its own.

The Dutch are known for that last bit of detail that makes it perfect and for great efficiency. Apart from efficiency being a cultural matter, a major reason is the compactness of the country combined with a high density of dedicated specialists.

Our clients are people with a dream. Let’s face it: nobody ‘needs’ a yacht. It is sheer luxury. And when you can afford it, you will have it tailor-made exactly as you saw it in your dreams.

That’s the kind of client that finds his/her way to Proton Yachting. And we love to hear, understand and realize that dream!

So, these are not just nice words, but a very serious claim we defined for ourselves. And even better: we actually do it! For example: the Proton 28S nominated for ‘Boat of the Year 2022.

It’s in our DNA. We wake up in the morning, knowing it’s going to be another day of creating history. To us that is essentially different from building a boat. Our yachts not rarely outlive both their owners and their builders…

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