An aluminium tender, sloop or yacht: pros and cons?

If you choose an aluminium tender, you choose durability and convenience!

Have a look at all the advantages in a row. Read more below...

Advantages of aluminium boats or tender boats

For ships which are used a lot and require a long life span, aluminium is the ideal material. Proton Yachting always chooses aluminium.

These are the main advantages of tender sloops or ships built in aluminium:

  • Maintenance-free
  • Always high residual value
  • Aluminium is recyclable
  • Natural protection
  • Low weight but strong nonetheless

The benefits in a row

Disadvantages of aluminium tenders and boats?

Aluminium boats are made of sheet material and not cast as polyester, so there are limitations to the design.

Actually, we cannot name many disadvantages. Aluminium boats and tenders are a matter of taste. You have to love it. The industrial, sleek look of an aluminium sloop or tender has to suit you.

We definitely love it!

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